Juno Staff
Juliet Lederle NCSA-CPT/IKSFA-level 2/IKFF-CKT/OKC

Juliet Lederle started working out late in life. Initially she tried yoga and Pilates, but they did not provide adequate stress relief or the physical outlet she craved. She started running, albeit slowly. After a few years and increasingly faster miles Juliet suddenly had to undergo invasive treatment for a chronic condition. The treatment severely limited her running, energy, and livelihood. Because of her experience, she swore that as soon as she got better she would get into the best shape of her life. As she finished her treatment, she discovered anaerobic conditioning and strength training and fell in love. She felt more motivated, stronger, and more comfortable in her body and her life than ever before.

Determined to share her discoveries with others, Juliet started pursuing a career as a personal trainer. She got her A.C.E. personal training certification and started training and leading large boot-camp style classes at the Ice Chamber in Albany. She and two other trainers from the Ice Chamber broke off from the Ice Chamber to found the Phoenix Gym in Berkeley. Juliet became IKFF (International Kettlebell Fitness Federation) certified so that she could train others in the fundamentals of kettlebell sport, an activity that combines strength, aerobic conditioning, flexibility and endurance in one energy-packed workout. In January 2010, she decided to branch out on her own, and so Juno Fitness was conceived. Her current workouts incorporate a hybrid of kettlebell workouts, running, high-level conditioning and a whole lot of whining to her coaches.

Juliet is currently training at competition level for kettlebell sport. In 2011, she achieved CMS (candidate for master of sport) in biathlon with the 16k and 20k bell, winning gold in both events under IKFF/IKSFA rankings. She also achieved CMS in biathlon with the 16k bell at the WKC world championship, taking silver at that event. She has had a great start to 2012, achieving CMS in one arm long cycle with the 20k under ikff/iksfa rankings, again taking gold in that event.

In 2012 she became one of five women in the United States to achieve a Master of Sport ranking in Biathlon under WKC standards.

Juliet’s compassion and ability to push her clients beyond what they believe they can achieve has earned her a loyal fan base. She uses her knowledge to train elite athletes, pre and postpartum women, elderly clients and everyone in between.

John Wild Buckley Founder, Owner, Head Coach Orange Kettlebell Club, Senior Trainer CSCS, OKC, IKSFA, RKC, WKC, AKC, IKFF, USAW

John Wild Buckley is the founder of the Orange Kettlebell Club. He is a member of the inaugural class of the International Kettlebell Sport and Fitness Academy and has studied in St. Petersburg Russia under the tutelage of Honored Masters of Sport (World Class) Sergey Rachinskiy, Sergey Mishin, and Sergey Rudnev (Trainer of the Russian national team). He is also certified by the IKFF where he, along with Jason Dolby, was one of the first two International Instructors until he resigned in April 2010. John is a WKC Master Coach. He is certified under the American Kettlebell Club and is a former Master Trainer for the World Kettlebell Club. He completed his RKC certification in 2007 and is also a Kettlebell Concepts and Kettlebell Athletics instructor. John has taught Kettlebell all across America as well as Europe, Africa, and Asia. He currently competes and coaches at the professional level in Kettlebell sport.

Competing and coaching kettlebell sport is John's passion. He is the first OKC head Coach to lead a student to the rank of Master of Sport.

Carey Rockland MA, NPTI, NSCA-CSCS

Carey has been training since 2004. She specializes in strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, muscle imbalance correction, and sport event preparation. She designs her training and coaching systems to effect lifestyle change and thereby presents a long-term, holistic view of the physical fitness process. She recognizes that healthy physical embodiment is a complex and rich experience, often resulting in increased confidence, efficiency and stress-reduction. Carey also coaches outdoor group exercise on a regular basis and is enthusiastic about the power of group motivation and community. Currently Carey centers her own physical practice around Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; she has trained at Ralph Gracie San Francisco since 2004. She can be reached at carey@careyrockland.com

Matthew Beals NSCA-CPT/USAW-Level 1

Although Matt’s first love was for software, his life abruptly jumped the tracks as a youth when he decided to supplement his steady diet of computer hacking with classes in kung fu. He went on to graduate from Pomona College with a degree in Modern Dance (minor in Computer Science), and perform in Buenos Aires, New York and Los Angeles. Pursuing a deeper knowledge of human movement and physicality, he pursued graduate-level studies in Acupuncture and later in Modern Dance. As a personal trainer he pursues a technique-first approach rooted in knowledge of anatomy and alignment, combined with experiential somatic disciplines, and expressed through good old-fashioned barbell training. He believes that full-bodied strength training, taught as a discipline of awareness and movement, is the keystone of true fitness.

Vaile Fujikawa Intensive Kettlebell class instructor and coach

After an ankle injury in 2004 left Vaile feeling very insecure about her own general fitness and athletic capability she decided to take the bull by the horns and hike the Inca Trail despite being in the worst shape of her life. Somewhere around 14000’ she realized that something had to change if she was going to even dream of being athletic.
After she got home she began training in boot-camp style classes and over the next several years began to discover the depth of her capability. Her passion for lifting heavy weights over her head ad infinitum lead her to begin a long time flirtation with kettlebell sport. After completing the Kettlebell Sport and Indian Club Workshop with the Orange Kettlebell Club in 2011 Vaile began to narrow her focus and by early 2012 she was soley training in kettlebell sport.
Vaile is currently training at competition level in kettlebell sport. She competed for the first time and achieved CMS (candidate for master of sport) in biathlon with the 20kg bell at the Bay Area Open Kettlebell Championship in 2013 under KETAcademy rankings, taking gold in the event. Her passion for the sport is palpable and she works hard to bring that enthusiasm to her work. As a coach Vaile relies upon mastery of the foundational movements, efficiency of energy, and plenty of humor and compassion along the way.

Jonathan Heuer IKSFA Level 1 Kettlebell Sport Coach, Crossfit Kettlebell Instructor, Crossfit Coaches Prep Course, Crossfit Level 1 Coach, Charles Staley Olympic Weightlifting, Alexander Method Self Myofascial Release (SMR)

Jonathan has been strength training for over 12 years. Old time strongman style training led him to a kettlebell class in 2005 and he’s been throwing around heavy things ever since. In 2006 he was introduced to CrossFit and started combining CrossFit workouts with kettlebell training. In 2012 he entered his first kettlebell competition and has focused on GS training ever since. He recently received his CMS rank (with 32k bells) in Long Cycle at the 2014 California Open under KetAcademy rankings.
In addition to fitness, Jonathan holds degrees from UC Berkeley and the Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, and drinks lots of coffee.